Making Silver Beads from Wire Stock

Sometimes you need a silver ball.  Like, for an end-cap on a bracelet.  Which is exactly what I needed for a training-project I was working on a couple of years ago.

The point of the exercise was to create a bangle bracelet from hollow-tube copper, without bending/collapsing the copper tubing (spoiler: you insert a copper rod into the tube before bending it.), and capping the ends of the bracelet with silver beads.

And, of course, part of the project was learning how to make the silver beads.  To do so, all you have to do is coil up some silver wire, apply sufficient heat, and the wire will "ball up" forming a perfect sphere.  Check out the video:

I never get tired of watching that!  Freakin' magic, eh?

Anyway, once the silver ball is formed, you solder it to the end of the bracelet.  Next, you remove all fire scale and polish the bracelet.  (I use a stainless-steel shot tumbler.)  The final piece resulted in a nicely formed (no bends, dents, or kinks) bangle with silver-beaded end-caps and silver wrap accents.  The piece came out so nice, I use it on the banner page of

And that's how you make a silver bead from wire stock!

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