The 22 Days of April!

Good morning!

Today begins what I am calling "The 22 Days of April"... this is because there's 22-working days this month.

For every day in April, I will be creating a new item. Some items may be added to inventory (as permanent offerings) and others will be posted as exclusive, one-time only, sales. Some may be slagged back into scrap but I am hoping that last one doesn't happen!

This special push is to celebrate my retirement which will officially happen at the end of April. (Unofficially, I guess you could call me unemployed...) Now that I am entering my <koff> silver years, I'm devoting more time to making beautiful, affordable, jewelry as well as investing more resources into the web site.,

This month, I've introduced the following features:

Membership: Membership on the site is free, of course, and will get you access to the members-only section(s) of the forum. In this forum I will occasionally be posting sale coupons, announcing new product a day before it is released on the site, and whatever other schemes and concoctions I can device to maintain your interest.

Reviews: Reviews are now full active on the site - you can post your comments about individual pieces you've purchased, or you can even comment on my rambling blog posts.

Likes: You can now like items, and blog posts. If you don't wish to comment, you can still send me feedback with a single click!

Emails: All members were sent a welcome email at midnight on March 31 inviting you to become a GGJ member. I will start using emails more often for some announcements and campaigns, but I will not spam you with more than 1 or 2 emails per month. Unless it's something super-exciting! You can opt-out (unsubscribe) at any time.

I am also working toward better social media integration on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram where GGJ holds accounts attempting to integrate as much as these sites as possible into GGJ.

But, for now, I am off to the workshop to start creating new, beautiful, and hopefully stunning items for you to enjoy!

My DIY Jewelry Workbench

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