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Bronze "Picasso" Pendant w/Silver Chain

Bronze "Picasso" Pendant w/Silver Chain


This exclusive piece is a bronze pendant, appx 1 5/8" (40mm) square and 1mm thick.  The design is a Picasso-like face in a heart.  Bronze will tarnish over time, in addition to being an extremely strong and durable metal, so some maintenance will be required.  The pendant weighs appx. 15 grams.

The chain is made from Argentium silver (0.935%) and consists of a combination of 18 and 16ga 4mm hand-cut and hand-assembled chain links in a 2-1-2 pattern.  The chain is 21.5" in length and weighs 22 grams making the total pendant weight a very light 37g.


This is an exclusive piece and won't be re-cast but I will probably cast the pendant in silver and make it a regular store offering.