Corded Jeep Bracelet

Corded Jeep Bracelet

This mixed-media Jeep bracelet offers the perfect amount of style mixed with fun! The bracelet is made from the black leather cord (appx 1.4" or 5mm in diameter) with metal wire forming the endpoints connecting to metal rings to which link to a metal plate bearing the Jeep logo hand-stamped into the metal.


You have options.  You must choose this bracelet in either bronze, nickel, copper (pictured), or silver.  The price will be adjusted for silver to cover material costs.


You also have the option of adding the model letters (CJ, JK, JL, etc.) stamped into the circles of the icon at no additional charge!


Overall length is appx 9" (23cm). You can order a woman's version which is about 7.5" (19cm) in length.


If you choose copper or bronze, the metal has been sealed to prevent tarnishing. If you notice your bracelet starting to tarnish after wear, you can clean the bracelet with any metal cleaner to restore the original shine then re-seal using a variety of sealants such as clear nail polish.


Silver Country of Origin: United States

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