Etched Horse Head Copper Key Fob w/Ring

Etched Horse Head Copper Key Fob w/Ring


This copper key fob has a beautiful horse portrait etched into the copper plate. This is a good-sized fob, measuring approximately 1.5" x 1.75" (40mm x 45mm) and has a welded copper ring threaded through a hole tapped into the corner of the fob.


Note: Etching is an inexact science - your fob design may appear slightly different, that the picture shown, in terms of placement and etching strength.  The size of the fob may be slightly-less or slightly-more than described as every fob is hand-cut from sheet stock and then hand-finished.  I will not ship your fob unless I am satisfied with the quality of the image and the overall piece!



  • Caring for Your Fob

    The fob has been chemically-treated to bring out the etching/design by darkening the metal, popping-out the highlights, and then sealed using a micro-crystalline wax. Please note: over time, the protective coating I applied will wear off in the course of normal use and you may start to see tarnish forming -- you can buff the exposed metal back to it's original shine and then re-seal using a clear nail polish or a paste-wax.


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