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Green Opal Earrings

Green Opal Earrings


These earrings started out as Sterling silver sheet and wire.  Using 20ga sheet stock I cut out two 3/4" silver discs and then used some 16ga Sterling silver wire and set the discs into the wire.  I then created two earring posts from 20ga Sterling silver wire and soldered those to the back.


Next, I inlay green-blue opal chips into the setting.  In the second stage, I added some silver powder to the bonding agent so that the earrings provide a little extra sparkle.  Much filing, sanding, and polishing before the earrings were tumble-hardened.


I am not making this style again to keep in stock in the store offering them, instead, as a one-time exclusive piece.  There is no hallmarking or GGJ chop on these earrings but they are 0.925% silver.


The earrings measure 2cm (0.75") in diameter and each earring weighs about 2 grams.  I'm choosing to not make these again b/c the material costs are too high.  I will keep experimenting with the intention of offering a smaller (in diameter) earring using the opal inlay.

Silver country of origin: United States