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Jeep Bracelet, Copper, Small, Unisex

Jeep Bracelet, Copper, Small, Unisex


This 100% copper-cuff bears the iconic Jeep logo hand-stamped into the metal. This cuff is hand-forged and subjected to repeated annealing which imparts the cuff's iconic fire-scale finish. Once the general shape of the cuff is achieved through cold-forging, the cuff leaves the anvil for the bench for stamping. Next, I file the ends so that the cuff can't get hung-up while out on the trail on objects or clothing. Finally, I initially shape the cuff by wrapping it around a piston I pulled from an old Harley.  Really.


You have the no-charge option to select the level of finish you'd like on your cuff:


  • Full Fire Scale -- minimally polished, dark and serious, requires the least maintenance
  • Moderate Fire Scale -- most fire-scale is removed, moderate polishing
  • No Fire Scale -- cuff is fully polished revealing the full, deep, shine of the metal


You can also ask for two letters to be stamped into the logo circles.  People use this to specify their Jeep model.  (CK, JK, JL, etc.)  If you'd like this, just let me know in the comments.  No extra charge!


Also at no charge, you may substitute another stamp for the two circles in the logo.  Just select the alternative stamp option and let me know in the custom-text field which stamp you'd like me to use.  (Note: you may select a custom stamp or the circle with your model letters but you can't ask for both.  Trust me.  It would be fugly.)


Your choices are:

  • Dog Paw
  • Smiley Face
  • Skull (Punisher-style)
  • Sugar Skull (Dias de la Meurte)
  • Hedgehog
  • Shamrock
  • Heart
  • Pineapple
  • State of Texas
  • Celtic Cross
  • Skull w/Crossed-Bones


(Note:  Not all stamps are pictured.  Sorry!)


Each cuff undergoes several annealing treatments resulting in the fire-scale build-up on the cuff. As a result of cold-forging the metal, each cuff bears forge marks imprinted into the metal. This makes each bracelet - combined with the available options --uniquely yours!

    Custom Stamp
    Two-Letters in Logo Circle

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