Men's Sterling-Silver Ring

Men's Sterling-Silver Ring

Low-domed sterling-silver (0.925%) wire makes this an absolutely stunning silver band! The wire measures .232 x .072 inches (5.89mm x 1.83mm) giving the ring a wide body yet remains light (6g) and comfortable on your hand. This ring is highly polished and hardened in order to bring out the most-brilliant shine and can be made to your exact size specification.


The idea/concept behind this ring was to provide you with a low-cost replacement band while out on the trails for your wedding band... Or perhaps you're one of those poor, unfortunate men who's ridiculously good looking and you need the "Sorry, married!" excuse to fend off unwanted solicitations from waitresses, stewardess, and bartenders. Poor bastard.


Or, perhaps you just need a nice, affordable, simple ring.


Silver country of origin: United States

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