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Sterling Silver "Thorny Rose" Earrings

Sterling Silver "Thorny Rose" Earrings


This item is no longer available - contact me if you'd like to commission a similar piece.

These drop earrings are heart-shaped and feature what I call a "thorny-rose" design. The earrings are made from sterling (0.925% pure) silver, including the 20-gauge wire bail.


From the top of the bail to the bottom of the heart measures appx. 1 1/4" (32mm) and the hears are 3/4" inch wide (17mm). Thickness of the hearts is appx 1.2mm.


The design is a raised (as opposed to imprinted) outline of a rose and/or a rosebud. The lined artwork hints at the presence of thorns implying caution and care to be taken.


Because each earring set I make is unique, your set will appear somewhat different from the ones pictured. However, since each and every pair is hand-crafted and I strive to ensure that every version has easily recognizable imagery.


The bails are made from sterling silver 20-gauge wire stock and the earrings were water tumbled for several hours to ensure maximum hardness and shine. These earrings should provide you with years of happiness!



Silver Country Of Origin: United States