Sterling Silver Tree of Life Earrings

Sterling Silver Tree of Life Earrings


These post-style earrings are handmade from 100% sterling (0.925% pure) silver, including the 20-gauge sterling silver wire stock used to craft the posts.


The earrings feature a stylized version of the Celtic/Norse Tree of Life, Yggdrasil as a raised impression in the center of the oval-shaped backing which is surrounded by a raised border.


The earrings measure appx. 9/16"w x 3/4"h (1.5cm x 2cm) and are appx 1.2mm in thickness making them lightweight and comfortable enough for extended wear. The posts are 1cm in length (73/16").


The earrings have been water-tumbled for several hours to ensure hardness of the metal and to maximize the natural shine of the silver. No finishes or sealants have been applied.



Silver Country of Origin: United States


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