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Two Wire Copper Celtic Bracelet

Two Wire Copper Celtic Bracelet


This bracelet was made from copper wire and was entirely hand-formed, into a pseudo-Celtic design, with zero solderings.   This is a one-time-only piece I made that I made as a proof-of-concept.  I plan on offering this same bracelet in silver.


As stated, the bracelet has no solderings and is held together via wire-wrap tension.  The bracelet weighs only 7 grams and is about 74mm (7.5") across in diameter and is appx 1cm in width making this a size medium.


Note the detail in the bracelet end-wrapping with tiny little copper roses securing the wire-wrap.

A dark patina was added to bring out the copper color, making the bracelet appear to be more of an oiled bronze than copper.  It was sealed using a micro polish but, as copper, may require maintenance to keep the bracelet free from tarnish.